Student Group Tours

Educational Tours that Engage Students

From the spark of an idea we can create an entire week’s worth of education and entertainment for your group that they will never forget

Students who have the travel component added to their educational experience come away with a better understanding of the world in which we live.  It paints a picture of how people live, work, play, speak and interact. We look forward to being your partner in giving your young explorers a memory that will make a difference in their lives.


How do you learn? What stays with you? The travel component of learning adds to the classroom experience in so many ways. For many students, not only do they learn about the destination as it corresponds to their classroom experience, but they also learn about handling their expense money, sharing a room with friends, ordering at a restaurant, and how to be self-reliant away from home.

Young learners become lifelong learners, always open to discovering how their unique talents can make this a better world.


Study the American Revolution? Travel to Boston, Lexington and Concord to see the actual sites. Sit in the pews of the Old North Church, go into Faneuil Hall, walk on the North Bridge and stand on the Lexington Green. How was our Government formed? What makes our Constitution special? Travel to Philadelphia to  see Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell and you might even try a delicious famous sandwich while you are there!

What do your Congressman and Senators do for your home state? Go to Washington DC and visit them. Go to their office, see where they work to make your future better.

Do you enjoy the Performing Arts? Head to New York City and meet the actors who have followed their dreams, take a  class taught by the experts, go behind the scenes, then, see a performance in New York on Broadway.

Experience the Classroom Education


You have a singular focus…..let’s say literature. Thoreau, Emerson, Alcott, Hawthorne…..where did they live? Did they know each other? Did they influence each other? How did their writing impact their friends and family, their community? What is the lesson learned for us all these years later? Let’s walk in their footsteps and discover what made them important.

Your interest is sustainable foods…. What is today’s fishing industry doing to ensure that our supplies are not depleted for future generations. What mysteries are found in our oceans? Board a Lobster Boat, go on a Whale Watch… see, taste, experience.

These are just examples..We have you covered whatever your interest may be…..give us a call.

Fully Immersive Tours for Engaged Students


As a Student Group leader, and an educator, you appreciate the importance of a tour program that is well planned, educational and entertaining, and is specifically tailored to meet the needs of your students. And so do we!

There is nothing more exciting than bringing curriculum to life for our young travelers. We want students to walk the same paths used by the early patriots, experience the port-of-entry of our ancestors at the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, meet their Senators and Congressmen in Washington DC, and practice their language skill in Quebec City.


Motorcoach transportation will be chosen very carefully. We check safety records and choose carriers that belong to the American Bus Association and National Tour Assocation.


Our itineraries adhere to the laws put forth by the US Department of Transportation; the driver cannot drive more than 500 miles in one day,(or for more than 10 hours), and cannot be on-duty for more than 15 hours per day. This is for the safety of you and your students. We do not plan itineraries that include overnight travel – stay safe and travel during daylight hours.

Multiday Tours

On multi-day tours, hotels will be chosen with care to meet your needs and budget. Our student-friendly hotels offer interior corridors, and we work with hotels to insure that rooms are blocked as close together as possible. We hire private security guards to be on post at your hotel from 10 pm to 5am